OrderScope B2B eCommerce

A B2B eCommerce super platform
designed FOR
b2b merchants

Manage & GROW Your B2B eCommerce Footprint


Stop wasting time on 3rd party appS!

No More Custom Integrations!

loads of manage Customer features!

Spend time operating your business not experimenting with software!

B2B customers buy for need, not want. OrderScope software is built to support B2B customer needs and puts you in control. Enterprise features available for single or multi-store operations.

Manage inventory across infinite warehouses. Create vendor purchase orders or co-ordinate Pick, Pack and Ship directly from customer orders.

Connect with QuickBooks Online. Operate in multiple currencies, generate purchase orders, assign accounts payable contacts, Bill with Parent, custom pricing, collect tax exemptions, receive payments and more.

Wholesale, Distributor, Retail & Manufacturer

OrderScope b2b features are our difference & our difference is your advantage

Manage Multiple Stores

Manage infinite online stores from a common back-end and single log in.

Generate Quotations

Create a quote in your Admin panel & let clients self-generate quotes from front end.

Sales Tax Management

Collect tax exemptions, set multiple rates, override nexus drop ship client rates

Customer Groups

Sort clients, assign tiered pricing, create private portals, assign terms, powerful discounting options.

User Rights Managment

Control user rights, set user groups, security levels, and limit access for remote VA’s or call center operators.

Manage Product Reviews

Manage product reviews. Approve & Publish, Respond to clients, and Decline.

Email Marketing Tools

Use built in templates or our powerful Klaviyo integration. Create thousands of Klaviyo trigger points.

Powerful Shipping Options

UPS, FedEx, USPS, Canada Post & LTL. Set Alerts by region or vendor. Mask Service Levels. Schedule a pick-up & print labels directly from orders.

Really Manage Inventory

Product matrix configuration tool, bulk price changes, warehouse bin location tool, discounting, customizations, bulk package variations, obsolete item tool.

Stop trying to make incumbent DTC and BTC shopping carts work in your B2B world! Save thousands of dollars. No 3rd party apps and zero app compatibility issues because with OrderScope all B2B features are built in. As B2B store owners, we were frustrated with the eCommerce cart options that were available. No matter how they are marketed, ultimately other eCommerce solutions are designed for B2C and DTC brands. To support B2B needs, these software solutions need 3rd party apps and costly customizations. OrderScope is built with the B2B business in mind! All the Enterprise power tools you need to operate your B2B business.

Get started and grow with us! Let OrderScope be a stepping stone to your B2B eCommerce scalability.

“What a great platform. By switching to OrderScope we got rid of 6 apps and counting, saving thousands of dollars and finally found a solution designed for B2B eCommerce.”

Ann Murphy
CEO & President